Case Studies

  • The best testimonials are our clients and our work over the years.

    We have offerd mission critical applications across verticals and platforms.

    Tea Industry – TATA TEA / TETLEY
    Banking – TGMC / TVC Bank
    Electronic – NSP Electronics Ltd
    Telecom – United telecom
    Refrigeration - RINAC INDIA
    Manufacturing - ESSAE Group
    Watch - TITAN Industries

  • Project Workflow Tracking

    Software from Aliment for Project Workflow and Tracking. A Unique tool to help the Project Teams to track the progress of the projects. Based on generalized concept and can fit into any type of workflow involving a series of review and approval process by a number of personnel along with the required supporting documents.

    Integrated Business Application system

    A client server application on HP 9000 Unix / Windows 95 platform using Oracle 7.3/ developer 2000. This application has modules like Purchase Accounting System, Inventory Management System , Sales Order Processing , Sales Accounting System Financial Accounting System , Fixed Assets Accounting System ,Production Planning System ,Production Analysis System ,Payroll Processing System ,Maintenance Scheduling System.

    Integrated Bank management sysytem

    Client Server application developed on Novell Netware 3.12 / windows NT 4.0 using Oracle 8i and D2K. Application covers SB account, Current A/c, Cash Credit A/c, FD, RD, Cumulative Deposit, Loan Processing and Accounting, Clearing, Inter Bank Accounting, General Ledger, Payroll, share Maintenance and Accounting.

    ERP Implementation

    Systems integration, Hardware supply, commissioning and maintenance, Local and Wide area networks, Implementation of custom built ERP solution. IBA development and implementation including customization, development, maintenance and helpdesk, Integrati0n with SAP for generation of reports and data transfer

    Fixed asset System

    This application was developed for a top finance organization keeping in mind the legacy system and all functionalities were included. Application was earlier developed using clipper on MS DOS and is converted into D2K using Oracle database on Windows NT

    Loan Processing system

    This application was developed for a leading financial service organization. Application covers from the applicant scrutiny, Qualifying, Approving and Closing of the process. This was developed on Novell Netware using C++ and Oracle Database.

    Media Planning system

    This application was developed for a leading Advertising Agency. This was an integrated application covering Media planning , Accounting , Costing and customer evaluation system.This was developed on Novell Netware 4.0 and foxpro later converted to D2K with oracle database.

    Sales Target Monitoring system

    This application was developed for a leading FMCG company. Application covers Sales estimation, Target fixing , Target Monitoring and Analysis of results across geographic regions and product portfolios. This was developed on Novell Netware 4.0 using Clipper later converted into Oracle backend and D2K.

    Web based Supply Chain Management

    This an internet based Application, Which handles Brokerage, Material management, Sales Orders & Transportation developed mainly for brokers/Agents in the fledging fisheries industry .This is an integrated, user friendly package & also has scope for integration with other s/f that may be required with high levels of security.

    Business to Business application for Trading sector

    This is an internet based application to establish from Suppliers the quantities of products that they have available for offer to customers. A supplier nominates the quantity that they are making available, the cost at which they will supply it and the period for which they are prepared to deliver it. This system is being designed for the Primary Functions of Managing Available Product, Customer Orders and purposes of general administration. ( this could be extended to all sectors where trading is involved).

    Web based Customer management system

    The scope of the system was to manage differnt clients Vendors with related information system encompossing a large database with frequent modifications .The application was designed to work both in Intranet and Internet. The system was developed on oracle database using Jbuilder , Openlink's JDBC Driver,Visigenic's Visibroker 3.1 (CORBA)